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Marco Ramelli plays Scherzo-Vals by Miguel Llobet on an original Antonio de Torres from 1859.

Audio e Video by @Giovanni Tammaro
Recorded in Centro Asteria

In 2023, Italian luthier Gabriele Lodi completed the restoration of a remarkable guitar crafted by Antonio de Torres in 1859. During his research, Lodi uncovered compelling evidence linking this instrument to the renowned guitarist Miguel Llobet. @marcoramelli documented the guitar’s journey for the TouchTheSound project, with videos before and after the restoration.

Before the restoration, the guitar was in poor condition, severely limiting its playability. This video made after the restoration not only showcased the transformation but also highlighted the different sound due to the addition of a newly attached removable tornavoz. Interestingly, Torres had originally built the guitar with a tornavoz, but it had been removed during a prior restoration. This new removable tornavoz provides us with a glimpse of the possible guitar’s original functionality.

Thanks to Gabriele Lodi and ​⁠@Ekachaiguitarist