Artistic Research

Research Projects

Dissemination activities include lectures delivered at conferences, universities, and conservatoires

29 Feb 2024 – RIAM Amplify Research Day – Lecture Theatre Royal Irish Academy of Muisc

Lecture-Recital with Dr.Paul Roe “Celtic lore and Eastern mythology”

19 Jan 2024 – TU Dublin University – Showcase on learning, teaching and Assessment

Presentation: “TouchTheSound: Nurturing Creativity by creating a sense of community and enabling implicit learning through hands-on exploration of special custom guitars”

6-9 Dec 2023 – Tilburg Netherlands – 12 European Clarinet Congress 

Lecture-recital with Paul Roe “Celtic lore and Eastern mythology”

23-24 Nov 2023 – Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya – Robert Gerhard’s Modernism

Lecture-Recital: “Traumas and Exile, music as an instrument of psychoanalysis”

11 Nov 2023 – Barco Teatro – Research day at Residenze Erranti

Lecture: “The constant alternation between the intuitive and the rational in composition – Roberto Gerhard perspective in composition”

20 June 2023 – New York, Manhattan school of music – Guitar Foundation of America  – International Convention 

Lecture: “Roberto Gerhard, Reappraising a musical visionary in Exile”

7 Oct 2023 – Conservatorio di Milano – 28 Convegno Internazionale di Chitarra

lecture: “Roberto Gerhard, registrazioni inedite dall’archivio BBC” 

8-9 June 2023 -Dublin 21 Annual Plenary Conference of the Society for Musicology in Ireland

Lecture-recital: “Silence, Body and sound: listening as a means of interpretation”

27 April 2023 – Dublin Concert Hall, Perform_Live Launch by Performance Research Ireland

Presentation: “TouchTheSound guitars: teaching with objects “

30 March 2023 – Copenhagen (Denmark) – AEC European Platform for Artistic Research 

Poster session: ”TouchTheSound project – listening with touch”

7-9 October 2022 – University of Surrey (UK) – International Guitar Research Centre Conference

Keynote speaker: “Federico Mompou’s approach to interpretation: listening with the body”

17 July 2022 – Castell’arquato (Italy) – “Le anime della chitarra”

Lecture-recital: “L’estudi del Sentiment, il metodo interpretativo di Federico Mompou”

16 May 2022 – San Sebastián (Spain) – Musikene Conservatoire

Lecture: “The art of transcription”

2-3 July 2021 –University of Huddersfield (UK) – Conference Roberto Gerhard (1896–1970): reappraising a musical visionary

Lecture: “The influence of Spanish Civil War in Gerhard’s guitar music” 

11 Sept 2021 – Padova (Italy) – Festival Internazionale Homenaje

Lecture: “La composizione per chitarra”

13 Nov 2020 – Glasgow (UK), Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 

Online lecture: “Mompou and Llobet: the Interpretation note-to-note”

11 Oct 2020 – Online, Guitar Foundation of America  Research Happy hour

Online lecture: “Roberto Gehard a composer in Exile”

22 Aug 2020 – Borgotaro (Italy) – Borguitar Festival

Lecture: ‘The sound of Domingo Esteso’ 

29-30 Jan 2020 – San Sebastián (Spain) – Musikene Conservatoire

Lecture: ‘The sound of the spanish guitar” 

16 Jan 2020 – Online – TU Dublin Conservatoire “aCupOfTea research seminar”

Lecture: ‘Roberto Gerhard’s guitar music’ 

4-5 June 2019 Lucca (Italy) – Conservatorio Boccherini

Lecture: ‘Composing for guitar’ 

29-30 Oct 2018 Siena (Italy) – Istituto Superiore di studi “Rinaldo Franci”

Lecture: “Il segreto del suono: interpretare ascoltando”

10-14th July 2018 Hong Kong, Hong Kong International guitar forum

Lecture recital ‘RCS contemporary guitar project’ 

28-29 June 2018 Royal College of Music, Manchester (UK), 1st International Conference on Artistic Research in Performance

Lecture-recital ‘RCS contemporary guitar project’