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    Festival Corde d'Autunno


The dedication to music is not only confined to his performances: Marco is also Artistic Director of some music festivals in Italy.

From 2004 to 2013 oversaw the creation of over 50 events involving mainly young artists.

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CordeFestival Corde d'Autunno

Milano ottobre-dicembre 2013

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One of the most important and innovative guitar festivals in Italy.  The festival is organized by a staff composed entirely of young musicians.

The Festival, thanks to the success of the previous editions, has become one of the most significant national events for fans of classical guitar. Among the musicians who performed there are internationally renowned musicians such as - for example - Pavel Steidl, Marcin Dylla, Massimo Lonardi, Rolf Lislevand, Lorenzo Micheli, Jonathan Leathwood, Matteo Mela, Andrea Dieci, Adriano Del Sal. 

Campus Estivo città di Mezzago


Luglio 2014

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Una settimana intensa con tantissime intensità volte dedicate sia ai principianti che a studenti dei corsi superiori.



NaturaFestival SuonoChitarraNatura 

Cemmo Capodiponte Aprile 2013

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three days full of lectures, concerts and masterclasses.

The festival is open to all the people who want to be immersed in the magic "sound" of the classical guitar in close contact with nature and the beauty of Val Camonica.
This year will see the presence of famous artists, among whom the International guitarist Pavel Steidl. The guitar course is an offer for classical guitarists of different levels.


teacher: Pavel Steidl, Andrea Dieci, Massimo Lonardi & Marco Ramelli